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Hair growth vitamin tablet supplements for women
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Hair growth vitamin tablet supplements for women
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Hair growth vitamin tablet supplements for women
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Good Hair Days and Bad Hair Days - Your Real Life Stories

We recently spent time listening to the hair stories of women up and down the land, finding out what their real-life issues are when it comes to their hair.

We asked them how they felt a natural hair growth supplement could help them. So many bravely let us in on their feelings around any changes, issues or problems they’d experienced, and we’re glad to be here to offer support and to advise them and you…

Good Hair Days True Stories

The Inevitable March of Time

Good Hair Days True Stories

As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog, age – and particularly the menopause – can play havoc with your hair. What once was a shining mane that you could rely on and predict, can become dry, brittle and lifeless, and at a time where your confidence is likely being brought into question, it’s the last thing you want to deal with.

Helen shared her experience with us: “When I went into the menopause, I could feel my hair starting to thin. At the time my hair was also neglected, because I couldn’t even visit a hairdresser due to the lockdown. My hair and confidence took a real hit.”

Age, as well as the menopause, can have similar effects, and leave you feeling less than your glowing self. Hair can thin and recede, making it both hard to deal with and a constant worry. Emma told us: “I’ve tried a variety of hair products to help my hair with not much success. Unfortunately, with age my hair became very fine and it is also very slow to grow.”

Our ingredients contain essential hair vitamins, perfectly balanced to improve the growth and quality of your hair, from the inside out.

You Are What You Eat

Good Hair Days Stories

We live in a grab and run society these days; our weeks are typically spent chasing our tails and on the weekend we let loose and over indulge. What we put in shows in what comes out, and can result in lifeless, dull and brittle hair that is often slow to grow. When surveyed Claire said: “I have to admit I don’t think my hair is getting the nutrients it needs, due to my poor diet. My hair is weak and dull. I am sure it could be much heathier.”

And that’s where Hair Divine can help. Whilst we’d always advise as healthy a diet as possible, we understand limitations, be it caused by time, intolerances or preferences, and our supplements give you plant-based and naturally occurring ingredients, vegan friendly and allergen free components to boost your supplementation, promoting hair growth and regeneration in various ways.

If you have the opportunity, even to make a small change, try adding in an extra portion of oily fish per week, or some handfuls of nuts, dark greens or some berries. All of those, alongside Hair Divine, will give you a fighting chance of reaching your nutritional best!

Good Hair Days Stories
Good Hair Days True Stories

When Your Body Works Against You

Good Hair Days True Stories

Covid has wrecked many elements of our lives, and – for some – it has destroyed the hair they once knew and loved. Gemma shared with us: “After suffering with Covid, my hair has been falling out and it has lost its shine. I can now see these are documented side effects of Coronavirus [1].”

And, of course, there are other illnesses, and their treatments that can cause changes in your hair: “Due to my underactive thyroid, I’ve experienced quite heavy hair loss. I am yet to find a product that will either stop the hair loss happening or help the hair grow back.” said Hannah.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), side effects from some medications, high blood pressure, hysterectomy, chemotherapy and auto-immune conditions can all lead to changes in hair.

We recommend consultation with your GP as your first step, but also supplementing with Hair Divine, to help give your follicles a boost. At this stage, we do however feel that it is important to point out that – in general – if other supplements have not worked or if there is an underlying health condition, then the success of any hair supplement use will be individual.

Why You Like Hair Divine

Good Hair Days Stories

And here are some of the reasons why these women like Hair Divine:

Megan said: “It’s good to see that there is a new product on the market, which is different from everything else that is available.”

Others like the fact that Hair Divine is a natural, vegan product. Melanie commenting:

“I am vegan and a lot of products out there contain animal ingredients. I also like using natural products anywhere I can, so Hair Divine sounds perfect for me!”

The natural and clean element also plays its role for women experiencing postpartum hair loss. “It wasn’t long after my son arrived that I started to experience my hair beginning to fall out – because I am now breastfeeding, I really need to watch what I put into mu body. I love that Hair Divine is natural and has no additives and preservatives.” told us Marnie.

Good Hair Days Stories

So, if you’re looking to get your hair back in shape, you should consider factors such as poor diet and stress as well. We can’t control age, post-partum or menopause phases as we go through life, but we can try to control other factors.

Real life can really take its toll, and we should all be striving to make sure the good hair days prevail over the bad!

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