Hair growth vitamin tablet supplements for women
Suitable for vegans
Hair growth vitamin tablet supplements for women
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Hair growth vitamin tablet supplements for women
Not tested on animals
Hair growth vitamin tablet supplements for women
Made from natural sources


‘I started taking Hair Divine when I was pregnant, because I heard that pregnancy can take a toll on your hair. Even though I experienced post pregnancy hair loss, the tablets helped to recover and strengthen them nicely. I’d recommend these, as they are full of good vitamins for your hair and also natural, which is personally really important for me.’

Katrina, November 2020

‘My hair was damaged from all the highlighting I had done over the years, so I decided to try Hair Divine to help repair the damage. I was really glad to see the change in the quality in such a short period. I will continue using Hair Divine, because my hair looks much better now despite having it highlighted again.’

Gemma, January 2021

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‘Hair Divine has worked miracles for me. I always wanted long hair, but it would never outgrow a certain length, it would stop growing just below my shoulders. My hair is fine and was quite week. With Hair Divine it grew longer than ever before and it wouldn’t stop even with regular hairdresser’s visits. It would grow 10cm every 2-3 months, it is now also stronger and shinier. I have been taking the tablets for almost a year and wouldn’t change a thing. My hair looks its best and was never longer.’

Michaela, August 2020

‘I was taking Hair Divine for two months and could already see the difference in my hair. It was longer, but mainly it looked healthier and fuller. I bought another 2-month pack and look forward to even longer and healthier hair. I was looking for a vegetarian and natural product to go with my lifestyle and am very pleased that the tablets are both. I’d certainly recommend them.’

Nikky, March 2021

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‘I was looking for a product, which would help the post-natal hair loss and was suitable for breastfeeding mothers. Hair Divine did just that. My hair started gradually growing back and it’s shiny and soft. I’d certainly recommend Hair Divine to any new mums.’

Lucy, May 2021

‘I am really happy with the tablets! My hair is longer and healthier without eating any additives or similar stuff usually found in hair supplements. Just vitamins! I’d definitely recommend Hair Divine to anyone, who wants to give their hair a really healthy kick!’

Adele, September 2020

Some of Our Amazon Reviews

I’ve been taking the tablets for a few months now, I can definitely see the difference. I experienced quite a significant hair loss after some stressful period and was really happy to see the new baby hair coming out. I am very conscious about what I put in my body and knowing that this product is additive-free and made from natural sources is also a big plus for me. I’d certainly recommend hair divine and if you have problems swallowing tablets like I do, you can easily cut them.

Lenka, February 2021

I have been taking Hair Divine for almost 4 months, I’m now on my 2nd pack. I’m impressed with how much better and longer my hair has become! I would definitely recommend for people who struggle with hair growth as it has certainly made a difference with my hair after so many other products failed to deliver on their promises.

Mon A, January 2021

My wife has been taking the supplements for 4 months now and her hair looks shinier and stronger. It grew a little, but it’s condition is so much better as her hair was quite weak.
She will definitely carry on using this product.
We are also really pleased that it is vegan and all natural without any added rubbish.

Jakub, November 2020

Finally a natural product! Really happy with the pills, my hair is overall better and grows:)

Claudia, November 2020

My partner really likes the product. She has been using it for 6 months. The quality of her hair is visibly better and it grows faster than it used to. Highly recommended.

Amazon customer, verified purchase, July 2021

The tablets are great, I can see the difference in the quality and length of my hair only after three months. Really happy with the product, would definitely recommend to anyone, who has any hair issues.

Amazon customer, verified purchase, February 2021

I have been taking these supplements for about 3 months and noticed a considerable difference in length of my hair, I have very fine, thin blonde hair that struggles to grow past a certain length. My hair doesn’t grow very fast and only have a couple of cm trim every 10 weeks, but last time I got my hair trimmed my hairdresser noticed my hair had grown. Great value for money and love they are vegan friendly.

Amazon customer, verified purchase, October 2021

Definitely can see the difference in quality of my hair and they have started to grow beautifully.
Would recommend this product.

Guil, December 2020

I have started taking Hair Divine based on a recommendation.
Within a couple of weeks of taking the tables I noticed my nails growing stronger and really long.
A nice unexpected bonus!😁
Next thing I noticed was, that my hair hasn’t been falling out as much. I have now finished the 60 tablets bottle and my hair is definitely looking healthier, and much denser. I don’t suddenly have hair down to my heels but my hair has definitely grown! And once-dead ends are no longer broken and scrappy.
I have ordered the 4 months supply and can’t wait to see the result of continuing taking these.

Lish, August 2021

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